A boost of moisture while on the go! Our all-natural shea lotion stick is perfect for travel and is airplane friendly. Simply push up the tube for convenient moisturizing wherever you are. Made with shea butter, organic jojoba oil, and herbal extracts for soft, pampered skin.


Always paraben free with no artificial colorants. 1 oz/ea, case of 3.

Buddhalicious Shea Sticks 3ct ($7.50/ea)

    • Energy: renewing rosemary & peppermint
    • Enlightenment: earthy amber incense & patchouli
    • Harmony: fresh rosemary & lavender
    • Peace: fruity tangerine & pomegranate
    • Tranquility: bright lemongrass & green tea
    • Vigor: citric yuzu & grapefruit

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