Create an environment of peace and relaxation with Buddhalicious Scent Sprays. Our multi-purpose spray can be used on hair, skin, clothes, and in the air, made with fragrant long-lasting essential oil blends. The silicone base keeps surfaces dry, and leaves skin and hair feeling soft. Spa professionals and massage therapists use our scent sprays on their massage tables to add something special to their client’s treatment.


Always paraben free with no artificial colorants. 8oz is case of 3, gallon is case of 1.

Buddhalicious Scent Spray ($12/ea)

    • Energy: renewing rosemary & peppermint
    • Enlightenment: earthy amber incense & patchouli
    • Harmony: fresh rosemary & lavender
    • Peace: fruity tangerine & pomegranate 
    • Tranquility: bright lemongrass & green tea
    • Vigor: citric yuzu & grapefruit